Friday, May 13, 2011

Back on blogger

Finally back on blogger, this time with a new profile, I lost my old information. Here are some of my most favorite along with most recent art pieces.

4th Dimension-Corey Magloire

Abstract Color-Corey Magloire

Abstract Glass-Corey Magloire

Cathedral-Corey Magloire

Fabric Glass-Corey Magloire

Landscape-Corey Magloire

ManUtd-Corey Magloire

Creation Myth(Panel1)-Corey Magloire
Creation Myth(Panel2)-Corey Magloire

Creation Myth(Panel3)-Corey Magloire
Creation Myth(Panel4)-Corey Magloire
Creation Myth(Final Panel)-Corey Magloire